Aik Alif Highlights

Aik Alif is an avant-garde art exhibition, the first presentation of peelism work, which is offering a visual experience of depth beyond imagination.

  • Aik Alif Logo

    Aik Alif logo is skillful manifestation of human carrying a child and raising his hand. If closely observe, it is actually describing each word in ایک الف.
  • Aik Alif at Alhamra Art Galleries. Lahore

    Peelism offers incredible volume in 2 dimensional canvas.
  • Transforming Cubism

    Peelism is an extension of modern cubism, and it is a departure from conventional techniques. It is speedy and low cost.
  • Amazing Textures

    Peeling off thick layers of paint reveal a mystery hidden beneath the shades of colors.

Peelism is in search of solutions for outstanding problems of human race.

Peelism is struggling to educate millions of kids who are out of school. Join the cause..............


We are granting freedom to imagine, extending help to create and promoting presentation of peelism art.

Qamar Riaz

CEO and Founder


Peelism Ink on Paper

Ink on paper is another media that has been discovered by the Artist. The images are here presented from experiment work. 

Study of Chance in Art

This album contains images of an attempt to create an illusion of cosmos on two dimensional canvas. Oil paints are mixed in a controlled enviornment to generate these images. #peelism In pursuit of freedom to imagine, this art movement marks a departure from conventional description of universe that has remainedRead More

صبحِ سبز

کل تاریخ کی سیاہ ترین رات تھی سرِشام در و دیوار سے اندھیرہ مکڑی کی طرح چپک رہا تھا سورج کی آنکھ میں سرخ افق کو آخری سانسیں لیتے دیکھا تھا تالاب سوکھ کر تہِ خاک سو چکے تھے  پا نی کے خواب شہرِبے مراد کی اونچی دیواروں میں چنے جا چکے تھےRead More

Sustainable Development Agenda

Any Development agenda, which may involve uprooting of green trees no matter how thin in numbers, is principally a non-sustainable approach. Any such expansion project which includes demolishing of 15 years old green belts is reflection of major drawbacks in original city plan or  depicting the lack of vision in newRead More

ایک فیصلہ میں بھی سناوں گا

سنو۔۔۔۔۔۔ میں کوئی منصف نہیں اور نہ ھی تم کوئی بادشاہ ھو منطق اور عقل میرے بس کا روگ نہیں دلائل اور بحث کا فن تم نہیں جانتے جمع تفریق کا ھنر مجھے نہیں آتا ضرب و تقسیم کی مساوات سے تم نابلد ھو تم کیسے عدل و انصاف کیRead More

Clay Man

We are all of same origin and substance, we share same history and would have same future. The history and future are fusing in our own existence. Clay Man is the bold presentation of the origin of human race. This work is the extension of peelism technique to create shapesRead More

Zero Gravity


Extending Volume

The work of peel off technique is now recognized as Peelism work. This piece tells the story of consistent strokes to add visual depth in terms of volume on two dimensional canvas. This work is an example of simplicity and brave step to extend cubism.

4-8-13 038


The eyes young and muscles are fresh fire in your blood keeps you ahead the genius skills of your heart and flesh are struggling to earn a decent bread.   Qamar 24.03.2015


Theory of Existence

I was there when sacred clock began I ll be there when final hour will rule dust of my cradle endured the mighty spin and ruins of my heart have lived all pain bend in frame has unimaginable match Closing all the minds unique and sane once strings of matterRead More